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Serving as Executor of a Will is a great honor and a great responsibility.
Many who have served claim it can also be something else:
an immense, unforeseen burden.

The Executor doesn't choose when he/she is called to duty. That call may come at a very difficult and inconvenient time. When it's time to serve, many people aren't able to meet the high standards held by themselves and others. Serving faithfully and effectively can require energy and time the average person has already committed elsewhere. Furthermore, serving as Executor can also require comfort with:

- Finance

- Law

- Meticulous Recordkeeping and Organization

- Tedious but Critical Details

- Coordinating the Activities of Numerous Professionals

- Handling Communications and Fielding
Questions/Comments about the Status of the Estate.

The Dilemma: You've been entrusted with the degrees of duty, responsibility, and authority that come with being Executor; therefore, to honor this trust, you'd like to be involved in the process somehow. However, you simply do not think you can serve as effectively as you would like.

We offer help and an ALTERNATIVE: the Executor's Agent. We have all the necessary skills and resources to dedicate to the execution of the Will or Trust. By acting as your Agent, or if you prefer, by being appointed as Executor or Trustee, we can handle tasks that require time, energy, or experience you may not have. We will perform these tasks while meeting the highest standards of honor, professionalism, and customer service excellence. The extent of our involvement and responsibility is up to you.

Please contact us by filling out the form below, indicating how you might need our assistance. (Please note: It is not necessary for you to provide legal names or other personal details at this stage. Also, we will not use your email address for any reason other than to discuss these services with you.)

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